Virtual Reality And Online Casinos

Virtual Reality And Online Casinos

November 19, 2020 Off By Lonnie Shade

There have been some amazing advancements in technology in recent times. One of the most exciting of these is Virtual Reality (and AR – Augmented Reality). This rapidly developing and increasingly affordable technology has largely been predicted to, once again, transform the world, and the way we live and do things.

Casinos – particularly online – are, likewise, expected to enter an exciting new era by utilising the huge potential of VR and AR.

What is Virtual and Augmented Reality?

Virtual Reality is a simulated “reality” created by computer software and hardware, that we can perceive and interact with using special devices, e.g. headsets/goggles, gloves, controllers, etc. The general aim of VR developers is to make a simulated reality that is “virtually” indistinguishable from our own.

Augmented Reality is similar but differs in that the VR (e.g. objects and people) is super-imposed over our actual world/reality. Pokémon Go, for example, is AR that uses mobile devices for viewing and control.

While VR is expected to be the more utilised of the two, they both present a huge and varied amount of potential uses.

The New Age of Virtual Casinos

Imagine playing at a casino situated on another planet, or deep under the ocean, or in a prehistoric world where dinosaurs again roam the earth. This on its could be an incredible experience, and yet, it is just a single aspect of VR’s amazing potential.

The size of casinos, for instance, could also eventually be immense, far greater and more impressive than anything we could build in the physical world.

No matter the visual size, though, millions of players will be able to join and roam the casino. You could hang out and interact with friends and other players at virtual bars, or around virtual poker, blackjack, or roulette tables (or not, if you don’t like crowds). Everyone will also likely be able to have their own customisable avatar (virtual appearance).

Greatest of all, though, is that this can all be done from the comfort and convenience of your own home, or wherever you so choose, as long as you have a VR device and an internet connection.

Safety And Security

Safety and security, in particular, is big selling point for VR, and with the recent event of Covid19, the guarding of public and personal health has now become a priority.

VR is perfectly suited for social distancing while still catering to our social needs, providing communication, interaction, and the visible presence of others.

Then there is the benefit and safety, not to mention cost-saving, of avoiding travelling.

Online VR casinos will also, naturally, have the most secure and well-established online/internet security and payment methods available.

When Will It Happen?

The very first online virtual casinos are already up and running, and available to join.

It will likely take some time before they are as impressive as everything that has been described in this article, and enough everyday people can afford to own VR headsets. At the phenomenal rate of current progress, however, it won’t be long at all. Perhaps even within the next few years.