The Most Popular Boxing Bets Reviewed

The Most Popular Boxing Bets Reviewed

September 3, 2020 Off By Lonnie Shade

There are so many more options than just To Win wagers when it comes to Boxing! And not only do these stakes make watching matches featuring your favourite fighters that much more enjoyable, it is a wonderful option for what could become a very profitable side-hustle. As always, do your research, keep your wits about you, and don’t throw good money after bad.

Go the Distance Bet

One of the best-known Fight Timing wagers is whether or not the fighters will make it through to the end of the match. In this type of stake, your bet will be on if the bout will end before the scheduled rounds are completed or if it will depend on the judges’ scorecard. You will often find it in the Prop wagers section of online bookmakers.

Remember, it doesn’t matter who wins this fight. The only thing you need to do is correctly guess whether it will go the distance or not. As you might expect, each side of this stake is going to pay out the same amount of money, since it will depend on the likelihood of the fight going all the way to the end.

Over/Under Round Bets

Another wager that depends on Fight Timing is the Over/Under on a Specific Round. Sportsbooks will choose a particular point in a certain round or an especial round and let you choose if the fight will end before or after it. You will often see this in bouts that let you select Go the Distance stakes. Once more, payouts will vary on the likelihood of which side is seen as more likely to win.

You may, for example, see an Over/Under Rounds bet saying 8.5 rounds. This means that you can wager on whether you think it will before the 8th round has hit the halfway mark or it will carry on past it. If you choose the latter, it only needs to go one for one more second after the 8.5 mark for you to collect. Who wins doesn’t matter either. As long as the fight is still going on after the point the bookmaker has set, you’re good.

To-Win Wagers

Certainly the most popular Boxing stake the world over, few bettors are unaware of this one. It’s also sometimes referred to as the Moneyline wager and requires nothing more from you than choosing which fighter will beat the other. If the pugilist you pick wins, so do you. If they lose, so do you.

When the Fight Ends Stakes

This is another wildly popular bet when it comes to Boxing matches, but beginners may not know much about it. As great as knowing who is going to win is, you can get paid out a lot of money if you can correctly guess when a bout will conclude. What is great about these wagers is that, once again, who actually takes the fight doesn’t come into it. Either fighter can come out on top, as long as they do so when you said the fight would be over!