The Best Time to Play Online Poker

The Best Time to Play Online Poker

November 19, 2020 Off By Lonnie Shade

In online poker terms a fish is a person that likes to play online poker for recreational purposes. These players are not concerned with whether or not they loose or win, they are mainly playing for the fun of playing. A fish can loose hundreds of dollars in a game and is therefore seen as the person that bankrolls the industry of online poker. When the fishes are swimming is the time that you want to be playing. Bets are higher and winnings are worth more.

Generally in the world of professional poker you do not want to be known as a fish. It has been said that the best time in which to play online poker is when the fishes are playing.

The best way to determine when the fishes are out is to simply log on to your game when most people are playing. The more players that are around the tables, the more players there are that do not care so much about winning. But when are these people that don’t seem to care about improving their game online?

Happy Holidays Poker Players

Christmas is most certainly the time for sharing. Research has shown that on a Christmas afternoon many new online poker accounts get created as players log on to play their gifts. It seems that a popular Christmas gift is for loved ones to buy each other vouchers that they can use to play online poker with. Most of these newly created accounts never gets used again after Christmas and lie dormant or get deactivated when the money runs out.

The same activity has been visible not only at Christmas, but also on other holidays. This is especially true for when the public holiday falls on a Monday. For some reason, Monday Holidays attract a lot of new poker players that wish to try their hand at playing online. Over the holidays, the trend has been seen that most people log on during the hours of 16:00 and 24:00. Online poker seems to be the way to relax after a great holiday meal.

Got Your Resolutions for the New Year

As we sing the Auld Lang Syne and make our resolutions for the New Year, many people are wishing their online poker dealers a happy new year. Driving while under the influence of alcohol has become very strict throughout the world and as these laws get tighter people prefer to stay at home instead of going to new years parties. While staying at home they log on to play a game or two of online poker.

This online poker burst of new profiles continues all through the first two months of the year. The two main reasons being, that the first two months of the year is generally the most financially difficult ones for many people and if they are lucky enough to win an extra buck it would help them tremendously. The second reason being, that in the Northern Hemisphere, these are winter months when it is incredibly cold and can snow in many places. In the winter people tend to be home more often than not. More home time equals more online poker time.