Melbourne Cup betting

Melbourne Cup betting

September 15, 2020 Off By Lonnie Shade

Melbourne Cup Betting in New Zealand

One of the most renowned and popular horse racing events to have ever come out of Australia, the Melbourne Cup has also become on of the most favoured events for New Zealand punters to bet on.

Melbourne Cup betting has become something of a popular pastime and is a part of the Spring Carnival that actually offers the chance at winning one of many cups to some of Australia’s best horses, though the Melbourne Cup is probably the highlight of the whole event. Due to the fact that this event is well-broadcasted throughout New Zealand, punters will find numerous high-quality betting sites and sportsbooks that will bring plenty of winning opportunities for Melbourne Cup betting.

The options may appear endless, so it is up to punters to find a bookmaker that offers all they need in terms of betting options or to find a site that at least directs them to what they have reviewed as the best sites.

How Melbourne Cup Betting Works

The way in which the Melbourne Cup works is by inviting up to 400 competitors to enter the race and thereafter narrowing it down to a top 24, meaning the 24 best horses on the continent will compete for a title. The only exceptions are winners of the Caulfield Cup that will automatically be accepted to race in the Melbourne Cup.

An interesting feature in Melbourne cup betting and the race itself is the unusual ruling over a horse’s handicap. In the Melbourne Cup the horses with the smallest weight are considered to be the best, which ultimately means that the race becomes a close one that gives every competitor a somewhat equal chance at taking home the gold.

Moreover, with a large range of options for Melbourne Cup betting available, there is almost little question as to why punters living in New Zealand are looking to access the best online sites that get them involved in the action.

Smart Betting For New Zealand Punters

In order to stay on top of things, punters are encouraged to research, source and compare the best sites that will not only offer great odds on the races they wish to bet on but excellent odds, bonuses, security and more.

There are sites that will quickly point punters in the right direction, however, only they know exactly what they are looking for. Moreover, many sites will offer different odds on the same horses, which means that players need to compare the sites for themselves regardless.

Best Melbourne Cup Betting Options

The punters that are currently living in New Zealand and looking to get involved in some thrilling Melbourne Cup betting action have a world of options at their fingertips and are free to explore them, however, beginners are usually advised to opt for Place and Win bets as they are the easiest to understand.

Once a punter is familiar with the different options available for Melbourne Cup horse betting, they can move on to more complicated bets, such as an Exacta, Trifecta or Quadrella and more.