How To Win At Betting On Tennis

How To Win At Betting On Tennis

December 2, 2020 Off By Lonnie Shade

When first starting out betting on tennis probably the most important bit of information anyone can give you is that there exists a world of difference between men’s tennis and women’s tennis. For the purpose of our guide here today, we will focus on men’s tennis betting and the different tours and formats played in men’s tennis.

The Different Men’s Tour Tiers

The men’s tour in tennis is divided into separate tiers – with every tier awarding a certain number of points. The top-tiers, each of which awards a total of 2,000 ranking points in return for a win, are the four Grand Slams. They are the Australian Open (Melbourne Park), French Open (Roland Garros), US Open (Flushing Meadows, New York), and Wimbledon (All England Club, London).

Next up on the points ranking order are the Masters events, of which there are nine in total. These are all classified as Masters 1,000 events, with each title win also awarding to the winner of that event a total of 1,000 points. The World Tour Finals played by the top-finishing eight players of the annual tennis season carries an award of a further 1,000 points.

ATPs And Below

Below the Masters 1,000 series events come the ATP 500 and ATP 250 events. These events are played all over the world but ultimately all contribute to a player’s eventual ranking at any point in time. Points are also awarded for winning Davis Cup matches, the Challenger Tour, etc.

Because of the points awarded determining the outcomes of several types of tennis bets, it is important for the tennis bettor to understand the differences between the events, points awarded, certain players performing better at certain events, etc. And since longer matches are typically more profitable to bet on (this is true for several reasons), it also helps to know the particular format of each of the annual events played as part of the international tennis schedule.

The Formats Explained

Most of the abovementioned formats are played according to a format of “best of three” sets. Exceptions are the Slams and the Davis Cup. The Slams are played according to a “best of five” format. Matches played according to the rules of best of three sets are often way more volatile than those played according to best of five sets formats, and can often result in surprising outcomes not necessarily accurately reflective of a player’s capabilities. This obviously makes Grand Slam events solid favourites among sports bettors.

Popular Tennis Markets

The year ordinarily spans the period between January 1 and November 15.

There are several markets available for tennis bettors to bet on. The most popular of these are:

  • Tournament: examples include picking the outright winner, the players most likely to reach the final, the progress of a particular player or players, and even the winners of quarters played.
  • Match: match bets include betting on sets, total games won, game handicap, set handicap, winner of a set, most aces, and match odds.