Gems Gems Gems Online Slots Review

Gems Gems Gems Online Slots Review

February 22, 2023 Off By Lonnie Shade

Gems Gems Gems in an online slot from WMS and is not a usual slot game with reels.  It features 4 sets of reels, a large reel on the left of the screen with 3 smaller reels next to it.

With each spin there may be 20 reels in play and this differs from the usual 5 reels that most online pokies NZ have.  Because each reel has 20 paylines every time the reels are spun they are quadrupled.  Gems Gems Gems is a fast paced game filled with action.


Gems Gems Gems features a range of different gems and they come in a variety of different colours and these gems make up the symbols of the game.  Because there are 4 different reels at one time it’s as if players are playing 4 different games all at once.  The gems featured are diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies.  All the different colours are featured including yellow, pink, blue, orange, purple and red.  The feature symbol is the diamond and the wild is the Gems Gems Gems logo.  The wild symbol will substitute for all the symbols except the blue diamond.

Free Spins Bonus Round

The free spins round is activated when 3 or more of the blue diamonds appear and players are rewarded with 10 free spins and this will increase depending on how may symbols activated the bonus round as well as which reels they appeared on.

If players activate the free spins on 1 set of reels players will receive 10 free spins plus a 3 times multiplier.  If players activate the free spins on 2 sets they will receive 10 spins and a 6 times multiplier.  If the free spins are activated on 3 sets players will receive 10 spins and a multiplier of 9 times.  If the free spins round is activated on all 4 sets players will receive 10 free spins plus a multiplier of 12 times.  Players can also reactivate the free spins if 3 or more of the feature symbols appear.  The multipliers that are given with the first free spins will remain for the duration of the free spins round.

Betting Options

Gems Gems Gems is considered a low risk slot game as the bets range from 0.40 to 80 coins across all of the 80 paylines.  The highest payout for this game is 400 coins.  This game would suit first time players or those who are just looking for some entertainment.

Play for Free

Gems Gems Gems can be played for free or in demo mode at most online casinos.  For players who want to try out this game for the first time, playing for free offers the best way to do this.  Players can enjoy all the features of the game with no risk to real money.  Once they have decided they can sign up to play for real money.  For players who just want to enjoy a slot game for entertainment and not for the wins it offers, playing for free is a good option.

Gems Gems Gems is a low risk online slot featuring brightly coloured gemstones on 4 different sets of reels.