Everything You Need to Know About Scorecast Betting

Everything You Need to Know About Scorecast Betting

September 3, 2020 Off By Lonnie Shade

A Scorecast wager is very commonly made available as a market for Soccer games. When you use it, you will be staking on not just who the First Goal Scorer will be, but the Correct Score as well. This bet is similar to a Parlay in that you will need both of your predictions to come through for the wager to pay out. But the devil is in the details, and you would not be able to stake like this using  Parlay. Online bookmakers don’t allow you to bet on two results which have a direct effect on one another.

Let’s say you want to wager on Besart Berisha to score first in a Western United Football Club game. You won’t then also choose Western United to lose the match 1 – 0. The individual First Goal Scorer and Correct Score odds are not multiplied together in a Scorecast stake the way they would be in a typical Parlay. Instead, they have their own odds priced separately from those connected to the two bets you’re making.

Learn by Example

Let’s stick to the Besart Berisha scoring first in a Western United FC game, since we won’t even need to name an opposing team to explain.

Berisha is priced at 8/1 to be the first player to score a goal in this game and you would also expect Western United to win the match. In our example, you’re predicting a 2 – 0 outcome, and we’ll say that this Correct Score wager is priced at 9/1. Were these independent events, a Parlay stake would pay you out at 72/1. But, because this is impossible since they’re results that affect one another, the odds of this Scorecast bet are closer to 50/1 at online bookmakers.

When to Use the Scorecast Wager

These stakes are very challenging, so we recommend that you view them like Lottery bets. Expect to lose and be pleasantly surprised if you manage to see a return! Online sportsbooks are also not overly fond of Scorecasts because they win every 0 – 0 match and will also usually be successful if an unexpected goalscorer makes the first goal or when there are many goals in a game, making for an unexpected final scoreline.

Scorecast Wagering Promotions

You may well find bookmakers offering you incentives to place these stakes, although not as often as you would for other types of bets. Typical offers include Money Back Specials on them. So you might find sportsbooks promising to give you all your money back on this wager if Jamie Maclaren scores the final goal of the Melbourne City FC game, or on similar scenarios.

These are really the ideal times to place Scorecast bets, when a good Money Back Special is in place. If you decide to give it a try, we suggest you try and stick to the most likely players to score the first goal and go for fewer Total Goals so you get payouts more often than you would do otherwise.