Charming Chic Online Slots in Detail for Casino Players

Charming Chic Online Slots in Detail for Casino Players

August 3, 2022 Off By Lonnie Shade

Charming Chic is a digital video slots game from developers Viaden available online via desktop, laptop or mobile device. The game’s simple, clear graphics and uncomplicated bonus structure are well suited to mobile play, whether via iPhone, iPad or the Android software standard on other tablets and smart phones.

Apart from the spinning of the reels, and sports betting , the game features no complex animations and the background music is unobtrusive, with nothing more than a brief carillon of bells to celebrate any wins. Charming Chic is based on the theme of lucky charms. It’s a three line, five reel slots game with nine bet lines, and as usual players are required to match two or more symbols consecutively, starting on the left-most reel, to create a winning bet line.

Symbols Share Values

What sets Charming Chic apart from many other slots is the fact that certain symbols share the same value. The game uses the poker icons 9, 10, J, Q, K and A as its low-value symbols but 10, J and Q all have equal value on a winning bet line, as do K and A (although the symbols do not substitute for each other). So while two 9s, for example, win two coins, three or more matching symbols on the bet line are required with the 10, J, Q, K and A to score a win; from five coins for three 10s, Js or Qs to 125 coins for five Ks or As.

Likewise, with the medium value symbols, the four-leaf clover and golden i-Ching token have the same value at the low end of the scale, while at the high end the lucky ladybug and crystal ball watching over a ship at sea also share equal value, with a golden horseshoe between the two pairs of icons providing intermediate-value wins. A wild-haired enchantress is Charming Chic’s wild icon, which substitutes for any symbols except the bonus icon, and doubles the value of any wins on a bet line containing the wild. Wilds in succession from the left-most reel on a bet line also score their own wins, from 10 coins for two wilds to the game’s top payout, 9,000 coins, for five matched wilds.

Charming Chic Online Casino Slots

Scatter Symbol Triggers Free Spins

Charming Chic’s scatter symbol is a glowing jewel being proffered by the enchantress. Two scatters in any position score a win of twice the total bet on the spin, so if a player bets a coin on every line, two scatters will pay out 18 coins. Three scatters pay five times the total bet, four scatters pay 20X and five will win 500X the total bet; with one coin wagered per bet line, the total would be 4,500 coins.

When playing, four or five scatter symbols also trigger the bonus free spins round, with 15 free spins. Free spins, as implied in the name, allow the player the chance to win without charging any bets to their bankroll. Any winning combinations during a bonus free-spins round are paid out three times the normal value of the win.