All About Online Gambling

All About Online Gambling

September 15, 2020 Off By Lonnie Shade

In The Beginning

It is generally accepted that the 1994 passing of the Free Trade & Processing Act passed in Antigua and Barbuda allowed for the granting of licenses to be granted to companies that wished to start up online casinos. A company by the name of Microgaming had software that is widely acknowledged as being a precursor to the now ubiquitous presence of online gambling and online casinos. It had security software revolutionary technologies implemented by a company called CryptoLogic. After the meeting of these 2 technologies and their successful integration the birth of online casino gambling was realized.

In the latter part of the 1990s internet gambling saw its first real popularity spike. An increase was seen from 1996 where only 20 such online gambling websites were present online to over 200 in 1997. In just one year the amount had exploded. This was due in large part to the more affordable internet technologies becoming available to home users as well as the development and implementation of better payment systems. 2 years later in 1999, multiplayer games started to emerge which encourage online players to chat and play together when gambling online. This was a crucial step as this enhanced the experience greatly for players seeking social interaction while playing online.

In 2000, Australia passed legislation aimed at online casinos with the intention of cleaning up the industry by preparing a series a safe guards and conditions for these companies to operate. This closed down all but one company based in Australia, but it was not allowed to target Australian citizens directly. This means that global offerings have been sought out by prospective Australian players, which are really easy to find in these modern times that we find ourselves living in.

Technologies Involved

Many online providers are known for allowing their players to participate from different platforms and not just from a home based computer. Companies will generally allow for players to download a specifically written application from either the Apple iStore or Android Play depending on the cellphone platform that the player is using. This creates a secure communications tunnel between the player and the casino. This adds an extra layer of security for the player.

There is a big push from online gambling companies to try and migrate their technologies over the HTML 5 which will allow for them to only develop for on platform. Because HTML 5 is the new standard that internet websites and videos are displayed through then it makes perfect sense for players to flock towards it. This brings down development costs and increases compatibility across all devices.

Security is also of paramount importance as cyber criminals become more and more savvy with technology. Online gambling sites are therefore constantly working on improved methods of communication between players and themselves. Which will in turn attract more users as they discover how much more secure the new communication methods are. Many websites are working in conjunction with payment companies to try and help isolate the criminal element found online.

Different Types Of Games

Online casino gambling outlets have been credited with revolutionizing the industry by providing entertaining and popular game types and refreshing bonus structures. Any physical game that is usually found on the gaming floor of a casino can be found online with an equivalent which means that players will never have trouble finding a game that they really enjoy.

Games such as online and interactive Bingo are really popular, virtual scratch cards and even lotteries are available on most sites today. The real star of these online sites has arguably got to be the casino section. Hundreds of different suppliers offer their own unique and original games for players to enjoy which include but are certainly not limited to: slot machines, multiplayer poker, multiplayer online blackjack NZ, roulette, craps, baccarat and much more.

It is for this reason that players will not struggle to find a decent supplier with fair and fun games available for them to play on. The newer games generally offer better winning options with different pay lines being arranged in different orders as well as players being able to take part in some bonus features such as mini games and free spins or rounds.

Games like poker offer tables like Texas hold ‘em, HORSE, Seven card stud or Omaha. Players can play in tournaments against one another or they can play at random tables with other players.

Deposit Bonuses

A rather delightful development that came about due to increased competition in the online gambling industry is the way in which companies will incentivise individuals to join and then place a deposit into their system. This helps casinos to operate as it gives them more liquidity and are therefore able to pay out more bonuses.

The most common bonus by far is the joining bonus. Many players will find that they are eligible for this bonus just by joining up and signing in. They will then receive some free spins or some free credits to use as they see fit. Normally a player will not be able to with draw any money from their account until they make a real deposit. Referred to as a deposit bonus, this will often be matched by the casino that you deposit with. This is called a 100% bonus and is a great introductory prize for a player.

The player will then be able to draw out their bonus after spending the allotted amount of real deposits or winning a certain amount. This will vary from casino provider to casino provider so players are encouraged to make sure that they understand all the terms and conditions as laid out by the company that they have chosen to sign up with.

As can be seen there are many different facets to consider when in search of a good online vendor so it is recommended that players look at all available options and familiarize themselves with terminology before they commit to a specific online casino.